Welcome to our page of experiences where you can learn about others who are suffering from cyclical vomiting syndrome and also those working to support sufferers.

We hope to add more links to people’s own stories of how CVS has touched their lives, either as sufferers, family members or friends.

The Documentary

Watch the documentary to discover more about the disease, the victims, the charity, and the people involved.

One of the creators of this short documentary, available on our DVD, is the sister of a CVS sufferer.

CVS stories

Many of these stories have been published in our newsletters, whilst some are unique to the website. We know many people find these very helpful in reassuring them that their experience is not unique, and that they have shared the same problems and struggles to get a diagnosis.

Please consider adding your story (via email or post) to our site and newsletter. Other sufferers value finding out that they are not alone, and that they are not the only person coping with CVS.


We work with other CVS associations around the world. The following videos are from the North American Society.

The actress Chandra Wilson (best known for US medical drama Grey’s Anatomy) is also the mother of a CVS sufferer and has been very active in promoting information about CVS.

Sufferers in the USA discuss their experiences