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Welcome to CVSA UK

We are a registered charity providing information and support to sufferers of

Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome and their families.

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March 5th Awareness Day


This year will be different but you can still help. Write to your local paper, contact your local radioor TV station and tell them about CVS. Many are keen to have stories that are not about Covid and will be willing to run a story on CVS.


Consider writing your story for our newsletter, it really helps.


You can download posters from our resources page and print them to display in your window, everything helps.


If you do something for awareness day please let us know.


Sign the petition



We are working on providing online presentations. It's taken a while but please bear with us as we try to put this together. Check back regularly for updates. Its been far too long but we are starting to make progress! Keep watching.

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One Family's CVS & Covid Story


Hi there, I thought I’d share an experience my 24 year old son as just gone through! He started with covid symptoms, after being exposed to covid at work, 8 days into his 14 day isolation. he felt unwell and had a temperature, he took a covid test and it was positive, day 5 after onset of symptoms he said I feel like I’m getting my sickness mum (that’s how we generally refer to a bout of cvs) 
The next morning he did have his sickness. His cvs symptoms normally, from first vomiting till last vomit, lasts around 6-8 hours, on this occasion it lasted 6 days it was terrifying, I have never seen him so ill! 
I just wanted to highlight this with you not to scare anyone but to make fellow sufferers and their carers aware!
My son has had cvs since he was about 2 years old. Sue 

Cece's CVS Story


Update: Cece was interviewed on BBC radio Oxford and the recording can be foind here. Thanks so much to her for all her efforts in supporting CVSA UK

Her segment starts at approx 9min 35 sec.

Cece holding book


My name is Cece, I’m 25 and have had CVS for almost 15 years now but am still learning how to cope with it. I’ve found CVSA UK a source of help and inspiration, and so I first wanted to thank you. The family days have helped myself and my family get help and seek the right doctor after years of searching.

    You have to be a very strong person to get through life with CVS and so I think it’s about time the world recognised those who suffer from, or care for those with, the condition. I desperately want to support the work CVSA do and so, after 2 years work, I’ve published my first book, “Chikara: Stronger Than You Look” in which I describe my travels in Asia as a young female CVS sufferer – hoping to inspire but also raise awareness about the condition. 

   I have just released the book,  have released the book to raise awareness and give a voice to the silent CVS Warriors around the world. I will be donating 15% of Author Royalties to CVSA UK, to support the great work they do. I would also like to donate 15% of any Author Royalties that I may make to CVSA U.K..

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback form.

Cece (Charlotte Ruth Clark)

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Sonny Chong Interview

Following an interview he did in the press he was asked to do

an interview for Talk Radio Europe.

You can listen here




We have no specific knowledge of how Covid-19 affects CVS sufferers.

Please be cautious and follow all government advice, particularly with regard to social distancing.


We have heard from a couple of families where a CVS sufferer has tested positive, during an episode. In both cases this did NOT complicate treatment. It is early days but it is an encouraging first piece of news.

If you have CVS and have/had the virus, please get in touch so we can share the information and any advice.

We are not aware of any evidence that CVS increases risk of becoming infected, or having a worse prognosis.

Some CVS sufferers find that even minor infections can trigger a CVS attack. Dealing with an infection and CVS at the same time would be a burden best avoided. The advice on social distancing and self-isolation can only help in this regard.


Every severe CVS attack that is prevented means one bed kept free for the NHS which will be under increasing pressure.

That being said, if you are having a severe attack do not hesitate to seek help.


The US Society has updated its site with some information





The US society in collaboration with MedicineX has produced a new resource to help explain CVS. Take a look here.





Adult Guidelines Published


The North American Society and their medcial advisors have complete a mammoth task and produced a concensus view on the current best evidence based guide to treatment of adult sufferers. Thanks to all involved for this important piece of work in support of CVS sufferers.


You can download the guidelines for your doctors to read here.


Updated Childhood CVS info.


It has been a few years since a medical society published guidelines for children with CVS, available here


Prof. B Li who was the main author has pubished an update available here

Mitochondrial DNA can be inherited via the father as well as the mother.


For a very long time it was thought only the mother passed on surviving mitochondria to a child. Recent research is casting doubt on that. This complicates our understanding still further. It is early days but as the finding was controvertial it was repeated, using different methods in different independant labs. It is a major finding for human biology, what it may mean, if anything, for CVS is less clear yet.

Link to the article here




You can now use Virgin Money Giving to support us. If you are planning an event or sponsorship,

contact us and we can setup a page to publicise it.

We have a research Fund Page you can contribute to now




Contact Charity

Contact can assist parents and careers of children with disabilities.Adults, please see below.

Jackie has offered to try an help anyone interested in finding out more on benefits you can email her here:

Jackie O'Kelly Contact

Contact, the charity she works for can be contacted here:

Freephone National Helpline 

 0808 808 3555

 Monday to Friday 9.30am – 5.00pm  

 Contact Helpline


Scope may be able to offer some advice to adults


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The methods below are just some of the ways you can contribute. These methods have very low admin fees compared to some donation sites.


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Awareness Day page

Thank you to everyone who contributed to last year's Awareness day.

We hope all the CVS societies and supporters around the world had a great day and that we have started something that can only grow and grow and help more and more people.

Have you got your T shirt yet?

Fruit of the Loom brand, heavy cotton. Order from the Awareness page

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Organising an event? We now have a MyDonate page where you can collect funds online, link below - its simple to set up and all money raised comes to the charity- no fees applied.


Can You Help ?

We need help with the committee, most roles don't take up much time.

PLease let us know if you can spare some time to help us keep CVSA working for all CVS sufferers.

A description of the roles can be found here



Please consider sending your story and sharing it in our next Newsletter. We really appreciate your input and our members find hearing others experiences very helpful.


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New: CVSA eBook available on the Apple iBook store for Mac, iPad and iPhone- free

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We hear of many sufferers who don't think they are being treated seriously, and struggle to get diagnosis or treatment. Some people have their jobs at risk due to what appears to their employer to be unexplained absences. Parents face the same issue with schoools, when a child has not got a diagnossis they recognise.

Thanks to a member for providing links to some useful resources:

Carers UK

As the UK's only national membership charity for carers, Carers UK is both a supportive community and a movement for change.

For the past 50 years we've been driven by carers raising their voices together to call for change and seek recognition and support.


 A charity that provides information, advocacy and advice services across England, offering direct and local support via Professionals and Volunteers.

NHS Complaints Advocacy

Our advocacy service is a free and confidential service available to anyone who wants support to make a complaint to the NHS.


Seen a health claim that's too good to be true? Then Ask for Evidence

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All medical information on this site has been reviewed by our Medical advisors, 
shown below, people's individual stories on our Experiences pages are their own views and 
do not constitute medical advice.

Our site contains advertising links that help support the
charity. Neither the trustees nor any of our medical advsiers benefit in anyway from these
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Dr Sonny Chong Consultant Paediatrician 
Queen Mary’s Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey
Keith J Lindley BSc (Hons) PhD MB MRCP(UK) MRCPCH  
UCL Institute of Child Health, Great Ormond Street Hospital
Dr Ishaq Abu-Arafeh, 
Consultant in Paediatrics and Paediatric Neurology Forth Valley Royal Hospital and the 
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow
Dr Alberto Ravelli
Pediatric gastroenterologist and hepatologist Brescia University, Italy

Dr Simon Moodie
Consultant Gastroeneterologist
Epsom & St Helier NHS Trust Surrey

Dr Maureen Lawson
Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist
Great Northern Children's Hospital Newcastle

Osvaldo Borrelli MD PhD
Consultant In Paediatric Gastroenterology
Head of Department of Paediatric Gastroenterology
Division of Neurogastroenterology & Motility
Hon. Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Gastroenterology
University College of London (UCL) 
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children

About CVSA

The information on this site is provided to help you understand CVS and support sufferers
but is not intended to replace any advice from your own health care professional.
We do not sell or pass on any personal information you may provide us if you contact us to
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About CVSA
We are an all volunteer organisation, a registered charity with all funding being provided 
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Privacy Policy

We hold data on members for the purposes of sending them newsletters and other charity-related emails. We ask  members who in the family has CVS and if the member provides that information we will record that data. We ask members if they would be willing to speak to journalists, and if they agree we will pass their details to a specific journalist for the purposes of a potential article/radio or TV interview. Occasionally we may ask members if they wish to take part in medical research relating to CVS. We will never pass details without asking.

You can ask to be removed from our list at any time and we will completely erase your data.  If you wish to see what data we do hold on you please email We never pass or sell your information to any third party without your explicit consent.



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